Welcome to Leg-i-See Christian University, a university with a notable beginning and curriculum. I am excited that you have chosen to become a part of the LCU family.

For over six years, I have watched as Leg-i-See has grown from a handful of courses to an accredited faith-based university with the potential of becoming the model of a new standard. It is our goal to ensure that every class is equipped with biblical principles and practical application so that our students do not simply graduate, but advance themselves, their families, and the Kingdom of GOD!

LCU will put forth great efforts to stay on the leading edge of distance, online, and in-person Kingdom Education. LCU has developed its base of available degrees to include degrees such as Theology, Prophetic Ministry, Christian Counseling, Religious Fine Arts, Leadership, Business, and many other classes and degrees. Our self-paced curriculum is designed so any of these classes can be completed while the student is actively serving in ministry or a secular field.

Not only is LCU committed to successfully offering a thorough Bible-based curriculum, but Leg-i-See is also committed to offering our programs at the most affordable tuition rate possible, with potential scholarships for those who may still need financial assistance. Our goal is not to cause a financial strain on those who are seeking to better themselves for the sake of the Kingdom, but rather do all we can to aid them in such a daunting endeavor. Leg-i-See has chosen to not just offer scholarships, but discounts (where and when possible), payment plans, and low tuition rates for all of our programs and courses.

LCU unapologetically declares that GOD’s word is still available, still alive, and still unexhausted waiting on us to discover even more about HIS goodness.

The Leg-i-See motto is “Education that gives legs to what you SEE,” and SEE stands for Self-Encouraged-Elevation. We strongly believe that a biblically-based, and Spirit lead curriculum gives one the ability to stand up and move towards what they believe GOD has said and shown them.

As I close, know that we are far from being done, and are constantly upgrading and adding classes and degrees; however, we hold firm that you will be hard-pressed to find a more Spiritually prepared institution. Should you persevere and graduate with an LCU degree, I hope that you will attend our on-site graduation so that I might be able personally to hand you your well-earned degree from Leg-i-See Christian University, soon to be the epitome of Kingdom Education, and the model of excellence for Faith-Based Universities world-wide.

Dr. Marcus L. Howard, BCCC

Founder and President


Your Way to Success!

Kingdom Education