Leg-I-See Christian University

Our aim is to transform a culture by shifting the mindset of the willing with Kingdom education.



Leg-I-See Christian University (LCU) is a Faith-Based Christian Accredited University designed to help others have Self Encouraged Elevation and put legs on their vision through impactful, empowering and practical truths. Here you learn at your pace, push to achieve more and get what you need.

We are very excited about your interest in LCU and we invite you to learn and tap into the revelation of transforming and renewing of your mind at this institution.

Dr. Marcus L. Howard

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Angela M. Howard

Vice President and Chief Organizational Officer 

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Call: +1 (786) 695-4655


Remember, at LCU we believe that a legacy is only as strong as its future, that is why we believe in educating and empowering our youth as well! 

For every full tuition paid, we will make a full scholarship available to a qualifying youth to attend one of our Leg-i-See YoungCEO semesters. For more information regarding YoungCEO



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